Wifi Extender and Wifi Booster Installation Toronto

//Wifi Extender and Wifi Booster Installation Toronto

Wifi Extender and Wifi Booster Installation Toronto

One of the biggest causes of discussion, pondering, and frustration surrounding wireless networks at home and work in Toronto is dead spots. You know, those places in your house where your wireless router’s signal never quite reaches.

Maybe the dead spot is in an upstairs bedroom where you would like to stream a movie to your notebook, or perhaps the signal flatlines in the backyard, where you would love to use your iPad while sunbathing poolside. Or maybe you have a spot in your home that’s so far from the router that, while the signal there doesn’t completely die, it’s so weak that Internet browsing slows to a miserable crawl.

Networking vendors have come up with two major solutions to extend wireless and Internet connectivity: wireless signal extenders (often known as Wi-Fi boosters) and a technology known as PLC—powerline communication.

Really: you probably shouldn’t buy an extender. The first thing you should try is moving your router to a central location in your house, if possible. Better placement may solve all your problems. If that doesn’t work and the router you have is a few years old, I recommend getting a new one like the ASUS RT-N56u or the ASUS RT-N66u, our top picks.

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