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8x better than Powerline Extenders

Powerline adapter

Better than boosters, however power line adapters are impacted by electrical interferences & they can have large speed loss. Powerline Extenders are also limited by socket location and must be on the same circuit to work together.

12x Better than Wi-Fi Boosters


Wi-Fi boosters/ repeaters rely on their own Wi-Fi connection to boost the signal. Most of the times the signal is already weak so the booster will not offer much help and you could have a hard time maintaining and stable connection

3x better than most Routers


Service Providers supply you with a device that is meant to fit many different home types and needs, as a result their Wi-Fi solution is not tailored to your specific requirements or home size. This can leave you with many slow or completely dead zones.

5x better than Mesh & Pod Wi-Fi Systems

Meshi Wi-Fi

Developed to maintain connection for small data, wireless mesh systems perform poorly for video streaming, online gaming and large file downloads. The wireless signal degrades the further it gets from the point of origin.

Whole-Home Wi-Fi Solutions in Toronto

No matter what you might be using your Wi-Fi for at home right now; work, school, or gaming, it’s essential that you have a good connection to keep things running smoothly.

How do you get the same reliable connection you had in the office while working at home? We can help you with that. At LeslievilleGeek, our team of experts can help you maximize efficiency by blanketing every inch of your household with a strong connection. You can connect with us today to help with for your whole-home Wi-Fi needs — we’re here to help you stay connected.

Enjoy Connection No Matter Where You Are At Home

As the whole family is at home using the same internet connection for work, school and streaming, have you been experiencing lag? Choppy video calls when on meetings? TV shows cutting out at those pinnacle moments? Or trouble connecting with friends online due to a poor Wi-Fi connection? If any of these sounds like what you have been experiencing, LeslievilleGeek can help.

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