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Surprise Someone You Love

Watch the joy in their eyes as they realize what a special gift they have received. 

If you plan on surprising your significant other with a new television, you want to present this gift as a surprise.Trying to set up your new television without proper training could be hazardous. An un-expecting someone will be more accepting of such a gift if it is already installed and properly working.

LeslievilleGeek Professional TV Installation services in Toronto can help!

Our TV Installation services can help with every step of setting up a new television in your home. If you are switching from an older, boxier television on an entertainment center to a newer, flat screen television on the wall, a professional tv installation company can assist with the rewiring needed, and helping you to locate an appropriate place to install your new television. Our Fully Concealed TV Mounting services has made hundreds of customers remember us for life.

Our experienced TV installation professionals can help with any aspects of tv installation you need performed (including purchase consultation,  wall mount brackets, in-wall rewiring or wire management, and home theatre installation). It’s their job! In fact, tv installation professionals can help with so much more!

This package Includes

  • Sourcing the TV based on your requirements and what your partner would like
  • Delivering the TV at your doorstep from where you purchased it at a selected time when the person you want to surprise is not around
  • Installing the TV on the wall you want it to be Mounted with the  most suitable TV Bracket based on your viewing requirements, TV location and size and weight.
  • Suggest the best height and angle for strain free viewing pleasure
  • Adjust TV for optimal picture and sound quality
  • Conceal all cables for a sleek and professional look
  • Clean and remove all packaging
  • Work within the time constraint while you get your significant other out of the house

Our surprise arrangements are the best in Toronto. We never get busted!!

Call us and talk to our Surprise Specialist about your plans. Shhhh.. Just between you and us. Call 647-380-0876

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