Audio, Video or Data Wiring per line

///Audio, Video or Data Wiring per line
Audio, Video or Data Wiring per line 2015-02-18T21:51:46-05:00

Our Price: $129

When you need 100% connection to your Audio Video Equipment or computer, a wired connection is the answer. Unlike a wireless network a wired network is always on and is not effected from interferences from other devices.

We provide  Professional wiring services for your home or office.

  • All Wiring hidden inside the wall when permitted
  • Fish cables where possible and allowed by construction. Other methods include running cables on base board or through wire moulding.
  • Speaker Wire(12 or 14 AWG), Video Cable(RG-59) and Ethernet Cables(Cat 6 or 5e) up to 20ft is provided
  • Patch panel cable management included.
  • Wall Jacks included.
  • 2 lines minimum without another service


 Here are some items you might need before the technician arrives.

  • Mark the place in the wall you need a Voice & Data Network connection.(Tech can advise)
  • Decide where you want to place your equipment(Tech can advise)
  • Cables if more than 20ft required
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