Fireplace Wall Mounted TV Installation

///Fireplace Wall Mounted TV Installation
Fireplace Wall Mounted TV Installation 2021-03-24T12:58:15-04:00

Over the Fireplace TV Installation For A Classic Look

Summary Of Installation:

• Install & secure your TV mounting bracket over your fireplace. We mount into your studs (metal or wood) & with toggle bolts (high quality drywall anchors), we also mount into brick, concrete and smooth stone wall.
• Safely mount TV on the mounting bracket.
• Option to conceal all AV wires in the wall (wires will exit at the bottom of the wall). This option is not available for brick, concrete or smooth stone walls.
• Option to conceal all AV wires in a molding tube on the wall.
• Connect your cable box device to your TV for optimal performance.
• Clean up work debris.
• Leave your residence when you are completely satisfied with your Over The Fireplace TV Installation.

Here are some materials you might need before the tech(s) arrive or we can supply the materials upon request.

HDMI Cables – Used to transfer audio and video between devices. Starts at: $15.
• Power Cables – Used to bring power supply closer to TV location. Starts at: $20.
TV Wall Mount Bracket – Supply your own or we can supply one. Starts at: $50.

Our technicians come equipped with speciality equipment to safely mount your TV into any wall type. Utilize the focal point of your room by mounting your TV above the fireplace for a classic look.

To schedule an Over The Fireplace TV Installation. Call 647-477-2280 or fill out the form below.

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