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If you own several electronic equipment scattered throughout your home – from your living room, to your bedroom, to your basement – getting them connected to each other can be difficult. Even within one single room holding four or five electronic components, dealing with mounds of tangled wires can be frustrating and unsightly.

You have several audio video equipment you plan to install and need consultation on how to wire them through different location in the house our office we can help with the entire process.

With our wiring services, we can ensure that your equipment is connected together with wiring that’s hidden within your walls, or discretely managed on your walls, blending in with your room decor. Our wiring engineers work on homes, commercial buildings that are either at the pre-construction stage, or after it’s built. Whether through metal conduits, PVC pipe or in wall, let our team give you an ultimate solution.

We specialize in all kinds of low voltage in-wall wiring which includes the follows, HDMI, Coaxial, Speaker wire, RCA, Component, DVI, TOSLINK, VGA, 3.5mm mini, display port, CAT6, CAT5, RJ11, RJ45.

Network Cabling

Low Voltage Cabling

Per Extension Wiring

Home Theatre Wiring and Cabling

In-wall Speaker Wiring

Fully concealed TV Installation

Home Theatre Wiring Toronto

Types of Wiring for Home Theatre and Audio Video Installation

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