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How much is it to install a power outlet behind TV in Toronto

//How much is it to install a power outlet behind TV in Toronto

How much is it to install a power outlet behind TV in Toronto

Power outlet behind TV is powerful

Adding an outlet behind a wall mounted TV is a something we highly recommend when you decide to mount your TV. A power outlet behind the tv makes access to power, easy and straightforward. TVs now days are smart and have all the apps we need to watch our favorite programs. Seldom do you have to plug in additional items like a cable box.

Floating Look TV

How about having the TV look as though its floating? Having a power outlet behind the TV can easily make a TV look floating. Even if you have small devices, devices can easily be mounted between the TV and your wall. Devices these days have bluetooth and radio frequency capability that they dont need line of sight to be remotely operated.

Cost of a Power Outlet installation behind TV

Cost of adding a power outlet behind the depends on how far an existing outlet is located. The further an existing outlet is located the more material, time, and labor is required. Power needs to be tapped from a unloaded circuit and code compliant electrical wires need to be fished through walls to bring power to the back of the TV.

Existing Outlet right below the wall.

The job to install an outlet right above an existing outlet would be the easiest and can take from 1 to 2 hours. The cost of such an install will cost $280-$350.

Existing Outlet to the right or left of the TV

Installing an outlet when existing power is to the right or left of the TV requires more work. Wires that needs to be run horizontally need to be passed through studs. Running wires through studs require drywall to be opened up, baseboards to be taken apart and accessing your attic or basement. Cutting through drywall, finding paths of least resistance and ensuring electrical wires are run according to code can take some time and effort. Lot depends on your existing framing, presence of lath and plaster walls, concrete and brick blocks and the list goes on. Expect to pay around $300 to $450 for a more elaborate electrical outlet behind the TV project.

New power outlet for behind the TV above the fireplace.

Hiding wires behind a fireplace is not an easy task. There are brick and cinder block fireplaces which are totally out of a question for a new outlet to be installed. If you have fireplace framed with wood or metal studs then there is a highly like chance a new power outlet could be easily installed. Experienced professional who know how to fish wires through tight areas and understand construction well can do wonders when it comes to fishing wires to create a new power outlet. Expect to pay around $350-$500 for a new power outlet above a fireplace for your TV.

Can I install my own electrical outlet?

First things first: Can you install an outlet yourself? Here’s the short answer: Yes, you can install an outlet yourself at home. The longer answer involves some knowledge of your home, electrical work in general, and the tools and hardware you have available.

Hiding One Connect Box Behind TV with power outlet

Frame TVs do not work with standard power receptacles. This is because the surface mounted receptacle will not allow for the frame TV to sit flush to the wall with the power receptacle being on the surface. Instead the power outlet need to be placed inside a in-wall storage AV back boxes. The inwall storage back boxes are used to hide AV components inside your wall behind your wall mounted Frame TV.

These in-wall storage AV back boxes are typically used to hide AV Components inside your wall behind your wall mounted TV. Hide devices behind your wall mounted TV such as Samsung One Connect Box.

The in-wall storage units are to be installed in between 2 studs, behind your wall mounted TV. You can see installation examples here from our fellow Toronto installers.

You can hide devices such as Samsung One Connect Box & other AV Components such as; cable box, Android box media player, Apple TV, Roku & more in these enclosures. Tv Installation Toronto sells these products on their website.

How hard is it to add an electrical outlet?

Adding Outlets to Existing Walls Adding outlets in your home isn’t particularly difficult. It just takes a little effort and basic knowledge of how to add that outlet. The electrical end of the task is very simple; it is running the wire that is the difficult part of the job.

How do I install an outlet without opening a wall?

With surface wiring you can add outlets, switches and lights wherever you want easily and quickly, without tearing open a wall. When you paint the channels the wall color, they become almost invisible. You can finally get that outlet exactly where you need it.

Do you need an outlet for your TV?

You can conceal low-voltage ones like HDMI cables, A/V cables, audio cables, and other things like that, but the actual plug for the TV needs to be in a separate outlet. IF you need help with mounting your TV and a new power outlet, contact us for more information.

What is the standard height for wall mount tv power outlet

Rule of Thumb – Top sides of the TV

My rule of thumb to determine location of power outlet is top sides of the TV. However we suggest that you make some calculations based on where you want to mount the TV on the wall. Place the power receptacle 1-2″ from the top of your TV and 2-4″ from the side of the TV. The benefit of placing the power outlet at the top and towards to sides  is accessibility to the plug when you want to unplug it to power cycle the TV or unmount it to move or to paint.

This might be difficult to determine if you don’t have the TV in hand and don’t know what size tv to buy. I would suggest o with installation the power power outlet 5ft above ground around the area the TV is going to go.

How much does it cost to mount a TV and hide wires?

Costs usually run anywhere from $350 to $600, though you could pay as low as $240 and as high as $1,150. Prices include labor, but may or may not include the mount, and vary depending on the size of the TV, type of mount and complexity of the job.

Hiding One Connect Box

The latest 2021 “Slim Fit TV Wall Mount” & previous gen “No Gap Wall Mount” are both designed to keep the Frame TV or QLED TV flush against the wall. Therefore, you need to create space inside your wall for One Connect Box & One Connect cable to be hidden behind the TV.

How much space required to install a Backbox behind Frame TV?

Space Required For AV Back Box Installation

For 18×14 inch Back Box installation, required space inside the wall are: 18″ (H) x 14.25″ (W) x 4″ (D).

Your wall must have at least 4″ of depth/clearance in the wall from the surface of the wall to fit AV Back Box into a wall. *For example: 2×4 studs + 1/2″ drywall equals to 4 inches in depth which is standard in newer houses & townhomes. 4 inch clearance is the absolute minimum depth required for AV Back Box to fit flush inside a wall.

Also, there must be 14.25″ of clearance between the 2 studs. *Standard stud spacing is 16″ apart-on-center which equals to 14.25″ of clearance between 2 studs.

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