Why Upgrading Your Internet Speed Does Not Give You Better Wi-Fi Through Your Home?

//Why Upgrading Your Internet Speed Does Not Give You Better Wi-Fi Through Your Home?

Why Upgrading Your Internet Speed Does Not Give You Better Wi-Fi Through Your Home?

Why Upgrading Your Internet Speed Does Not Give You Better Wi-Fi Through Your Home?

Having a good Wi-Fi connection has become essential as we advance to the digital age. All of our work and relaxation happens on the internet- be it zoom calls with clients, or a night spent in with Netflix. The chances are that you have a satisfactory internet service installed at home. But often times, there are places where the Wi-Fi connection is weak, or your Netflix takes time to buffer. This does prove to be quite the problem. And it gets worse when you have multiple devices at home using the same Wi-Fi connection- the signal strength gets significantly weakened in certain areas. These areas are known as dead zones- a bleak metaphor for areas in your house that are not connected to the online world.

Many people attribute blind spots in their Wi-Fi as a problem with the quality of the internet bandwidth. But that is far from the truth. It could be one of the problems, but a slower Wi-Fi is not entirely responsible for dead zones in the house. Dead spots in houses are caused by physical obstacles to the Wi-Fi connection as well as the distance between the Wi-Fi router and the area of connectivity. Physical obstacles can include walls, tall furniture pieces like cupboards and bookshelves, or even refrigerators.

The farther you move from the router, the more stressful are your Wi-Fi signal problems. The TV does not stop buffering, and your mails take an eternity to load. These physical obstacles can disrupt the strongest Wi-Fi networks. And these dead spots can be a big pain for all working professionals. Regular interruptions during work hours can hamper the flow of work.

The easiest solution for dead zones in the house is to fix a Wi-Fi transmitter. You can distribute these devices in different segments to cater to most areas of the property. In this article, we tackle everything there is to know about Wi-Fi transmitters and why they are the most elegant solution to your Wi-Fi woes.

Firstly, We Need to Discuss What Exactly a Wi-Fi Transmitter Is?

A Wi-Fi transmitter is a simple device that helps boost your Wi-Fi across the house. These transmitters can be placed in different corners of your house to create a robust at-home internet network that is strong wherever you are. For tech enthusiasts, Wi-Fi transmitters are a vital tool in building a strong custom Wi-Fi network.

Building a Wi-Fi network is a challenging task, for it involves multiple pieces of technology and a bit of ingenuity. With Leslievillegeek, you can easily install a strong Wi-Fi network and solve your connectivity problems. It is not a difficult task. They have a unique way of describing the problem. The moment the internet service operator installs the setup at home with the modem. The device starts generating a signal. This signal can be acquired by individual devices like phones and laptops to connect to the internet. This signal can only reach the devices within a certain limited range, beyond which there are persisting internet problems. This is what we refer to as the internet dead zones. These areas are devoid of proper connectivity owing to a variety of issues, including physical obstacles, as discussed above.

Of course, you could resort to something like a signal booster that could increase the strength and range of the connection. But that option also has limited use and productivity. Signal boosters are effective only up to a certain range. LeslieVilleGeek introduces quite an innovative solution to the issue of internet dead zones. They work with the idea of eliminating all internet dead zones. They launched a special service called the No Dead Zone Wi-Fi service that could take care of your problems significantly. This gets rid of all Wi-Fi speed and connectivity struggles. With this service, you can sit back at home, in any corner of the place, and enjoy your daily dose of Netflix without video buffering problems. Also, with this service, you can cater to your odd-hour video calls without any interruptions.

We break it down for you step by step.

They have a simple process for installation.

  • Step 1: They send a technician to judge the problem areas in your household and identify all the dead zones. The technicians thoroughly scan through the entire house to look for potential pain points are areas where the signal could weaken. They also work towards finding the most suitable zones and optimal placements within the house that could generate strong signals. You would also have to factor in ideas like where you are most likely to place devices requiring Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Step 2: Once the initial assessment is made, the technician visits your place again within a few days. They install a wiring system within the house to take care of the internet dead zones. In addition, the technicians create access points to remove any dead zones in the house. The materials used in this process are only high-quality ones, with enterprise, grade quality elements for the most robust structure. This ensures that the products are well suited and productive for your home.
  • Once the installation and setup are complete, the same internet modem can be used to produce strong Wi-Fi signals in every corner of the house. This eliminates the requirement of installing multiple range extenders that are not even cent percent effective all the time. Thus, when you spend money on the internet provider, you are getting connectivity worth the money all the time. Every 800 square feet of the house, you are installing special access points that make accessing the internet signal easier. So, you can use the internet for a much wider range in the same premise with an enterprise-grade system.

How To Get the Ultimate WiFi in your Home?

As a result, you are empowered with the strongest internet connection in every corner of your home. And all of this is done with just one decision – to switch to LV Geek, no internet dead zone Wi-Fi service.

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