TV Pillar Mount – Look out Condomounts Original and avoid Rip-offs

/TV Pillar Mount – Look out Condomounts Original and avoid Rip-offs
TV Pillar Mount – Look out Condomounts Original and avoid Rip-offs 2021-12-28T12:41:57-05:00

TV Pillar Mount – Beware of rip-offs

Residential Condos & commercial buildings with lots of glass in the exterior are reinforced with pillars in the inner part of the building. Older building used the exterior walls as structural columns. These pillars are usually on the corners of most buildings and of course in the interior part spaced out.  This occurrence leaves no option to hang  items that you would like opposed to hanging on a wall.

Drilling pillar/columns is not the best best practice and is against many condo boards. Imagine if everyone is mounting a TV and drilling couple of holes each time it can in the long term create a unsafe environment. Recently there was a condo collapse in Miami. We dont know the reason for the collapse but we need to know that condos are multistory building and the structure is something you don mess around with.

How To Avoid Structural Damage in Condos with pillars?

The Champlain Towers South condo in Surfside Miami Fluoride picture below has thought us a big lesson that large condos are susceptible to structural damage. Condos have policies in place to maintain the structural integrity of its building. Condo residents, owners & tenants have to responsibly take measures to ensure that any renovation, changes and drilling of building is in accordance with the building guidelines. Where inspections and professional consultation is required the due process is followed. Cracks, leaks and visible signs of deterioration should be address immediately.

99 people still unaccounted for after partial building collapse near Miami | CBC News

Can I mount a TV on a Structural column or Structural pillar?

Structural pillar or columns are mostly made out of poured concrete and reinforced with steel.  Mounting a TV typically involves drilling holes and using wall plugs or Tapcons into concrete, The holes drilled can vary between 1/4″  to 1/2″. Each TV mount will need 2-4 holes to keep in safe and sturdy.

Drilling into the pillar or column in any circumstances is messing around with the integrity of the pillar. The extend of damage is hard to quantify. The damage drilling can bring is dependent on the floor you are on, frequency of drilling, diameter of pillar, depth of hole, diameter of the hole and so on.

This method is highly not suggested and strictly banned in many condos by the condo boards. There are severe penalties and even expensive repair measure have been imposed on people who violate this condo board rules.

The good news is 2017, has managed to solve this problem with an inexpensive flexible and easy solutions that enable anyone to mount a TV. Thanks to the invention on Sunderamohan Palanisamy Patent 20200370707. This column TV mount by Condomounts is something that is easy to mount, holds strong to any shape column or pillar. There are several models available and you would be able to mount any TV you want using the Condomounts COlumn TV mount solution.

Strapping Column TV Mount for pillars

Strapping Column TV Mount for pillars

Strapping Column TV Mount for pillars

Strapping Column TV Mount for pillars

What size TV and Weight can the Condomounts Column TV Mount Hold?

There are several models. Full motion column TV mount can hold upto 75″tvs and the tilt and fixed tv mounts can hold upto 100″ TVs. Please browse for further and latest information.

How does the CondoMounts Column TV Mount hold such heavy TVS.

CondoMounts TV mount uses a technology called the Slotgriptech. The unique angle bend and the way the special straps are weaved into the mounting place makes it a very save and long lasting options for any TV in any climate. As most pillar are directly exposed to the sun, the straps are made out of UV resistant material to avoid degradation over time. The ratchet buckle are easy to use and are tested for 5 times the suggested weight.

How easy is it to install a Column TV mount?

The CondoMounts TV mount is the easiest TV mount you would ever find. You do not specially need a professional to install the CondoMounts column tv mount. Two peoples are suggested to make the process easier. Videos on how to install are widely available on the internet and the manual is very clearly. It was design by TV mounting experts that have been mounting TVs for decades. We highly recommend the Condomounts Brand.

Can the Condomounts Column TV mount be used on square columns or pillars?

Yes. You can use the column tv mount on square and hexagonal pillars besides the common circular pillars.

condomounts square pillar tv mount condomounts leslievillegeek

behind CondoMounts square column tv mount

Can the Condomounts Column TV mount be used around a tree?

Yes, you can use the Condomounts Column TV Mount on any tree with a diameter of more the 4″. Use a protective mat around the tree to protect the tree bark. Mount the column mounting bracket on the protection mat. To keep the protection mat in place you can use some pads. It would work on tree upto 5ft.

Can I use the CondoMounts Column TV Mount  to center the tv a bit offset from the center of the column?

Yes. You can. You have to position the mount to the desired side you want it to be offset, then you adjust to the swivel feature to obtain the offset wished. No matter where you place the straps, the TV MOUNT will be centered on column. IE you have 360 degrees to place the mount. I have my TV tilted a fair bit to avoid my windows. Centre of TV [after mounting] is about 10″ from center of column. I am very pleased with this product. I have tight space near windows in condo.

Can CondoMounts Column TV Mount be used on aluminum gazebos?

Yes, if the structure of the columns of your Gazebo is strong and not bendable. No, if your structure is made of thinner gauge aluminum. Depending on how strong the aluminum is.  The Condomounts Column TV Mount needs to be very tight against the surface/pillar, so an aluminum gazebo it might not work as it might bent the aluminum legs/supports.

Some users and the manufacturer suggest adding vibration pad mat underneath the mount to add extra friction and protect the aluminum gazebo.

Strapping Column TV Mount for pillars
Strapping Column TV Mount for pillars
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