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Moving your TV can be a challenge when you are planning your move. You will need to unmount them then pack it in a box or bag. See video on how to unmount your TV here. We have many video on your to unmount your TV on moving tv. Removing your TV from the wall can be a challenge  but with some help in the video hopefully it help you. Please be two or more people and remember to unplug all… yes all…  the cords before you start.

There is the planning and logistics that go into finding movers, getting quotes, and setting up a pickup and delivery time. There is also safeguarding your most delicate possessions to ensure a successful delivery. In particular, one of the most common and challenging items to ship safely is a big screen TV.

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Let’s take a moment to review how to safely move your big screen TV.

Consider Getting The Right Box

Were you aware that they make boxes specifically for big screen TVs? Your best bet is to go with the box that the big screen TV originally came in. There is a list of boxes you can get from Amazon. You can also get TV moving boxes from HomeDepot and UHAUL.

If you cannot secure that television box, then you will want to choose a box that best fits the dimensions of your TV. Size 1 boxes cover up to 37 inches. Size 2 boxes cover up to 46 inches. Size 3 boxes cover up to 54 inches. Successfully packaging a TV larger than 54 inches will require you telescoping two boxes around either end and taping them together to provide full coverage.

Prepare The TV For Moving

Unscrew any base for the TV. If any part of the TV needs to be protected, it will be the screen. The one thing you want to avoid is pressure impact over the moving process as this can destroy parts of the screen. You will want to wrap the screen in sheets and blankets. You will want to wrap that with bubble wrap until everything is securely in place. If you are placing the TV in a box, then you can use crumpled up newspaper as a back support.

If you are looking for TV Moving Service

Please call one of these movers to help you.

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For TV Moving Supplies and BOXES.

Here are some items that can help you. You can also find TV moving boxes in Home Depot and Uhaul. Also checkout the Box guys.

The Box Guys.

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