TV Installation with Sound Bar Included

/TV Installation with Sound Bar Included
TV Installation with Sound Bar Included 2018-02-20T15:53:55-05:00

On Wall TV Installation with Vizio Soundbar with all wires Concealed in the Wall for a clean and Sleek look. TV installation and Wall TV Mounting for Plasma, Smart, Internet, LCD, LED and 3DTV’s upto 55″

Our Engineers will

• Install and Secure TV mounting bracket(included) on the wall
• Safely Mount your Flat-panel TV and Soundbar(included) on bracket.
• Conceal all AV wires in the wall with premium wall plates. (wires will exit at the bottom of the wall)
• Create New power receptacle behind the TV using Recessed Receptacle Kit of your Choice. (Running of extension cord or tv power cord behind drywall is not building code in Ontario as it is identified as a fire hazard)
• Connect your DVD and Cable devices to the TV for optimal performance. Setup and update your Smart TV.
• Clean up work debris and dust. Yes! We bring our own dust buster.
• 15 minutes Training & Introduction to your Home entertainment System
• See also our Receiver or Surround Speaker setup services
• Leave your residence when you are completely satisfied with your entertainment system.30 Day money back guarantee on our services.

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