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Condomounts Column TV Mount

The Condomounts column TV is a superior mount for column because of the 6 slot grip technology paired with 1.5″ polyphobic straps that creates a glue like adhesion to any shape pillar or column. The 1.5″ synthetic straps is formulated to withstand UV light degradation at the same time has a break strength of 2000lbs.  The only mount that enables you to rotate your TV 360 degrees along the pillar.

The Condomounts column TV mount was built by TV mounting experts who have mounted thousands of TV over 10 years. They have ensured the process of mounting is fast, easy and very secure for anyone without experience to mount the TV. Widely used in Commercial as well or residential use since 2017, the TV mount has passed several test before being marketed and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Condomounts column TV mount allows for Mount TV vertically or horizontally.

What are the alternatives for a TV cabinet or media shelves?

Does your space in your condo or basement have a pillar or concrete column that is not serving a purpose? DO you know you can mount a TV on a pillar or column without drilling into?

Mounting a TV without drilling holes into a structural column is possible with the slot grip technology by CondoMounts. The column TV mount allows for tvs to be mounted on a pillar or column with its 6 slot mounting plate weaved with heavy duty synthetic polyphonic fibers. Designed for quick and easy install that will safe you on installation cost by a professional. The condo mounts no drilling column tv mount can be installed by anyone as it does not require any power tools to do the install.

The CondoMounts column tv mount is a full solution to install the TV in 15 minutes by just strapping and tightening the strap with easy ratchet mechanism all build into the mounting hardware.

Can the Column TV mount be positioned Vertically?

The Condomount column tv mount enable you to mount a TV vertically or horizontally. The tv can be mounted in a vertical in a portrait mode or horizontally in a landscape mode. The way its mounted can be exchanged even after the initial procedure.

Strapping Column TV Mount for pillars

Strapping Column TV Mount for pillars

Can the Column TV mount be removed from column to column to to different heights?

The condomounts column tv mount can be mounted and remounted at anytime. Its leave no makes and no drilling is required.

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