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All you need to know about the New Sonos Amp and the detailed comparison of the New Sonos Amp with the Older Sonos CONNECT:AMP. Compare types of inputs, new features, reasons to upgrade. Pictures of The back and front of the sonos Amp.

Get to know whats new in the Sonos Amp and if you are looking to buy a Sonos Amp what are the benefits of the new Sonos Amp can do for you.Bellow all the comparisons consolidated for you before you decide the right Sonos Amplifier for your setup. 

Feature Comparison

Sonos Connect AMP

(since 2008)

New Sonos AMP

(Feb 2019)

Front and Back View  

Details of the SONOS CONNECT AMP inputs. Click to Enlarge

Details of the NEW SONOS AMP inputs. Click to Enlarge.

HDMI – ARC in No Yes
Toslink Optical in No Yes
Airplay out No Yes
Rackready No Yes
TV Plugin (ARC/OPT) No Yes
Alexa Controllable No Yes
IR Sensor No Yes
Alexa Enabled No No
Microphone No No
Speaker Support upto 4 speakers upto 4 speakers
Power 55 @ 8 ohms (watts per Channel) 125 @ 8 ohms (watts per Channel)
Total Power 110Watt 250Watt
Channel Quantity 2.0 2.0(DSP phantom CENTRE channel)
Synchronizes No Yes
Speaker Support 2-4 units of 8ohm speakers 2-4 units of 8ohm speakers
Size 3.50 x 7.28 x 8.15 in. (H x W x D) 2.52 x 8.54 x 8.54 in. (H x W x D)
Weight 5.1 lbs 4.6 lbs
Subwoofer Out Yes Yes
RCA Line In Yes Yes
Analog Line in Yes Yes
Output Current na 31amp
Signal to Noise Ratio na 116db
Frequency Response 22 – 20000 Hz na
Class D Yes Yes
THD 0.02% Under 0.1%
Modulator DDFA (direct digital feedback amplifier)
Launch Date 2008 Feb 2019
Price Canada; CAD 649CAD 799CAD
Price US; USD 499USD 599USD

What will you benefit from paying extra for the new SONOS AMP

Sonos shipped its very first product—the ZP100 amplifier—way back in January 2005, later succeeded by the not-radically-different ZP120 (later rebranded as the Connect:Amp).The Sonos Connect Amp has been around for over 10 years now, so Sonos has redesigned the device and added more power in the form of 125 watts per channel up from 55 watts.

So, What New.
1. The Connect amp wasn’t optimized for TV, so Sonos has rectified this by taking the HDMI Arc module out of the Sonos Beam and put it into this new amp. It also has an IR receiver so it can control your TV, too.
Sonos Amp has been designed to work well for home theater audio as well as music playback. The Connect Amp and its predecessors had been built specifically for multiroom audio.
2. Sonos Amp is twice as powerful as the Connect:Amp with the ability to power four speakers with 125 watts per channel.
3. It supports AirPlay 2
4. This amp can be connected to your TV to get a 2.0 stereo and creating a phantom centre channel. For surrounds it can pair with 2 units of Play1’s, Sonos one’s or Play5’s.
5. This amp and be connected to your TV to get a 4.0 stereop pair it with another sonos amp for surrounds.
6. Amp fit in a standard component rack, which is often hidden out of the way in a side room or closet.

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