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Projector & Screen Installation

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Summary Of Installation:

• Unpack and check the equipment for damage.
• Attach the projectors ceiling mont to the ceiling; we provide a perfect fitting high quality mounting bracket.
• Attach and secure your projector on the ceiling mount.
• Mount the screen safely to your wall or ceiling.
• Conceal all video cables going to the projector for a wire free look. All HDMI cables we provide are CL3 rated for in-wall wiring.
• Calibrate the audio/ video of the projector.
• Reconfigure cable box, satellite box, Blu-Ray DVD player and any game console to function properly and with its maximum capability with an 1080p or 4K projector.
• Leave your residence when you are completely satisfied with your Projector & Screen Installation.
• Clean up work debris.

All AV cables are concealed in the wall and ceiling. If in drywall, we cover the holes up with grommets to leave a clean finish. The holes are located: beside your projector and beside your entertainment console/ desk. The wires are fished between these two holes leaving a seamless finish.

We can conceal cables in all wall types except for: Brick and Concrete. For Brick and Concrete concealing can be done on wall.

Here are some materials you might need before the tech(s) arrive or we can supply the materials upon request.

HDMI Cables – Used to transfer audio and video between devices. Starts at: $15.
• Power Cables – Used to bring power supply closer to  location. Starts at: $20.

Our professional projector installation team have been trained to assist you in creating the ideal solutions for your classrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and reception areas.

We focus on achieving the best solution for your establishment to meet both your needs and your budget. To ensure that your exact requirements are met we will send out an expert projector installer to carry out a free site survey and investigate any existing equipment that needs to be integrated into the final install.

To schedule a Projector & Screen Installation. Call 647-477-2280 or fill out the form below.

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