How to Remove Samsung Frame TV from Wall Mount

//How to Remove Samsung Frame TV from Wall Mount

How to Remove Samsung Frame TV from Wall Mount

How to Remove Samsung Frame TV from NO GAP wall mount

The Samsung FRAME TV is pretty phenomenal. We have a video from Before on how to Mount it.

We purchased the Frame TV and hung it over the fireplace w/ the no-gap wall mount.  While there’s been no issues with the TV, when you are moving or decide to paint the room and you need to take the Frame TV down.  Its hard for to fins a way to to get the TV to unhook from the wall mount.  You probably looked everywhere and can’t find any videos or advice on if there’s a trick to doing this or what.

We made this video for you. Call us if you have want to schedule an onsite visit. 647-477-2280.

Have at least 2 people( 3rd person to remove one connect cable once tv unmounted). Frame TV is heavier then other TV’s.

A.  Tilt the TV away from wall.

B. While tilted at about 15 degrees lift it up and out the hook. Requires two people and exert some strength.


To remove the 2020 Samsung Frame TV from the No-Gap wall mount, The same thing you just need to pull the top of the TV forward away from the wall far enough to be able to lift it off the mount. Be careful of the OneConnect cable, of course.

It’s pretty hard to lift the tv out of the hook but that is the only we way. Put the extra pressure. See this video we made.  Hope it helps. .

We have tried rotating method which does NOT always work especially when you have a mantel under where you mount the tv.

Mounting Frame TV on a Pillar or post.

A frame TV can me mounted on a pillar using Condomounts Column TV Mount.

Samsung NO Gap TV / Frame TV Models that you would want to consider

Can you change the bezel of your Samsung No GAp wall mount frame TV?

Yes. There are many bezel options to consider to match the TV borders to your wall painting. When selecting the model number, the US and Canadian TV should be able to use the same bezels. as long as the all the front numbers are the same one. The canadian models have the BZA extension.

Samsung 2020 65″ The Frame TV Customizable Bezel

Make a Digital Art Gallery Using the Frame TV

If you are looking to change the borders to match with your wall. look here.


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