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Ratchet Strap TV Mount

The Condomounts Ratchet strap TV mount is made to work with any structure which you can wrap around the strap. With the 6 slots weave and grip technology, every CondoMounts product comes preinstalled with 1.5″ heavy duty synthetic straps weaved into 6 slots on both end of the column tv mount. Two ratchet straps are used for each mount to hold the TV mounting system very securely to the structure.

Best Column TV Mount

The ratchet strap TV mount is ready for you to mount a TV on any surface that you can wrap around and tightened. Also included is a included is the ratchet buckle that is used to tighten the mount to the structure that you want to attach the mount too.

All you need is the TV when you get the CLMTVA1044 or CLMTVA1144 COndomounts Column TV mount.

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