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Condomounts Metal Stud TV Wall Mounting Kit – Heavy Duty Wall Mounting Without Studs or Through Metal/Steel Studs

/, Metal Stud Mounting/Condomounts Metal Stud TV Wall Mounting Kit – Heavy Duty Wall Mounting Without Studs or Through Metal/Steel Studs

Condomounts Metal Stud TV Wall Mounting Kit – Heavy Duty Wall Mounting Without Studs or Through Metal/Steel Studs

$25.00 $22.00

Condomounts Metal Stud TV Wall Mounting Kit – Heavy Duty Wall Mounting Without Studs or Through Metal/Steel Studs

Drywall and Metal/Steel Stud TV Mounting Kit

EASY to use Wall mounting solution for metal/steel studs walls and MOST TYPES of WALLS when mounting on a STUD is NOT and OPTION

Included in the kit is
✔ 4 PIECES of ¼-20 SNAPTOGGLE hollow wall anchors
✔ 4 PEICES of ¼-20 x 2’’ screws
✔ ONE TITANIUM COATED HEX SHANK ½’’ Drill Bit worth $20
✔ 4 PIECES of ¼’’ washer
✔ ONE ROLL of Electrical Tape

BUY NOW and make the most of your living or working space by mounting your TV to the wall for convenient and comfortable viewing. This product can also used for mounting when a stud is not available. The provided revolutionary toggle bolts can hold upto 80lbs on 1/2 drywall.
✔They make smaller holes and are 4x faster to install then wing bolts, wing toggles and most other drywall anchors
✔Pre-installs without the bolt to make handling of fixture easier.
✔Reusable in the same hole – remove the bolt without losing the anchor.
✔New ergonomic design – fingers grip straps more naturally and more easily with no slipping

METAL/STEEL STUD WALL MOUNTING KIT. Complete mouting kit to facilitates secure & easy installation of TVs or other objects on metal/steel studs or drywall. Metal studs are common in condos, apartments and commercial construction.

STUD NOT REQUIRED. Can support upto 100lbs on drywall.STRONGEST BOLT AVAILABLE(MADE IN USA) The 4 Pieces of SNAPTOGLLER TOGGLE BOLTS provided can be used on Gypsum board, Drywall, Tile over drywall, Plasterboard, Composite panels, Cement board, Greenboard, Plaster, Stucco.

COMPLETE KIT – One 1/2″ hex socket titanium drill bit, 4pcs of ¼ -20 UL rated hollow wall toggle anchors, 4pcs of ¼-20 x 2’’ screws, 4pcs of ¼’’ washer, Electrical tape to mark positions of items you are mounting. NO trips to home depot or lowes.

OTHER MOUNTING USE – Wall Mounting of Shelves, Wall Mounting of Cabinets, Wall Mounting Bathroom Accessories, Wall Mounting Grab Bar, Mounting Vanity, Draperies, Curtain Rods, Blinds and Mirrors when studs are not an option.

NEATLY LABELED PACKAGING & MANUAL– The components in this package is separated by different use, the instruction manual is also included

Benefits of the Mounting Kit.

Smallest drill hole for each bolt size—1/4″ wing toggle needs 50% larger hole
High strength—holds up to 2x the load of an old-fashioned wing toggle of same bolt size
Reusable in same hole— remove the bolt without losing the anchor
One-person installation— like having an extra pair of hands behind the wall
Insulation pushed aside by metal channel
Does NOT destroy wall or ceiling—plastic cap & metal channel centers bolt & prevents abrasion

Other Users of the Condomounts drywall wall and metal stud mounting kit. These heavy duty drywall anchors are good for
Mounting of heavy Shelves, Mounting of Kitchen Cabinet when no stud is available
Mounting Bathroom Accessories, Mounting Mirrors
Wall Mounting Flat Screen TVs (LCD and Plasma) on walls
Wall Mounting Draperies, Curtain Rods, and Blinds
Mounting of Samsung No Gap Wall mount when there are no studs

Spring-wing anchors, are extremely difficult, time consuming and complicated to install.
• It is impossible to use a screw gun for installation.
• Spring-wing anchors can’t handle heavy or highstress loads. Their weakest point, the “pivot”,
holds the bulk of the load.
• Spring-wing anchors require up to 50% larger
holes than TOGGLER BRAND toggle bolts.
• Many simple jobs with spring-wing anchors
require two people—one person must hold the
fixture in place while the other fiddles with the
spring wing.

4 reviews for Condomounts Metal Stud TV Wall Mounting Kit – Heavy Duty Wall Mounting Without Studs or Through Metal/Steel Studs

  1. Kirill Merzliakov

    The Only Kit to hang your TV on Metal Studs. Everything included to hang your TV in a condo.
    All the TV mounts are for homes and not for CONDOs. This is the complete kit you need to hand your TV in your condo. condo have metal studs and you need these toggle bolts you hang you TV on metal studs. You will not regret buying this. I had a hard time finding a solution for my condo and this was amazing.

  2. Miranda Furtado

    Could not say more. Live saver solution. Saved me $200 installation cost. With this tools and bolts took me 30 minutes to install my TV.

  3. Karen Frederickton

    Complete kit to wall mount your TV on metal studs. Saved me $30 just to buy the drill bit from Home Depot. The drill bit is high quality. This bolts are amazing.. Yes !!! AMAZING. Did the install in less then 30 minutes.

  4. Dhana Sellapan

    Don’t hesitate to buy. Saves you install time.

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Simple 3-Step Install

Installing flat screen TV's, such as LCD or plasma TV's, with Condomounts Metal Stud Mounting Kit holds your TV securely on all walls (including drywall) so that it does not come loose or pull out, even when installed on TV mounts with extendable (articulating) arms that swing out from the wall.

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