Ceramic Tile Drill bit with 4 Units of 80lbs Wall Anchor

//Ceramic Tile Drill bit with 4 Units of 80lbs Wall Anchor


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Out of stock

Ceramic Tile Drill bit with 200lbs Anchor. Complete Mounting Kit for Wall Mounting Without Studs on Tile/marble/granite to Mount Grab Bars, Mount Hand Rails, Mount Sinks, Towel hanger, Mount TV on ceramic tile wall, Marble or granite wall.

  • STUD NOT REQUIRED. Can support upto 90lbs on drywall.STRONGEST HOLLOW WALL ANCHOR AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET. The 4 Pieces of TOGGLE BOLTS provided can be used on Gypsum board, Drywall, Tile/granite/marble over drywall/cement board, Plasterboard, Composite panels, Cement board, Greenboard, Plaster, Stucco.
  • COMPLETE KIT – One 1/2″(13mm) diamond drill bit, 4pcs of hollow wall 200lbs toggle anchors, 4pcs of ¼-20 x 2’’ STAINLESS STEEL screws, 4pcs of ¼’’ washer. Safe multiple trips to the hardware store. Perfect Screw length of 2″ is provided catering for most wall types.
  • OTHER MOUNTING USE – Mounting of Sinks,Cabinet mounting, Bathroom Accessories, Grab Bar, Vanity, Draperies, Curtain Rods, Blinds and Mirrors on – : Ceramic Tile, Granite and Marble


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