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Multi-Room Audio

Imagine high quality music and video in every room of your house with a single touch of a button. We can integrate whole multi-room audio installation system throughout your home, meaning audio-visual entertainment no longer needs to be restricted to one room.

Our sophisticated multi-room system permits different music and video sources to be played simultaneously throughout the house. With a multi-room audio system you can choose to relax in the bath listening to Vivaldi whilst your other half listens to Rock in the living room.

As well as being convenient and efficient, multi-room audio systems help keep clutter to a minimum. Concealed wiring and discreet in-ceiling and in-wall speaker systems leave no unsightly audio-visual equipment on view. And all this without compromising sound and visual quality.

We make your system incredibly intuitive and easy to use with a fully customized user interface. Use wall-mounted keypads, remote control handsets, or touch panels enables you to alter the volume, change radio stations, or browse your iPod or control a DVD from anywhere in your home.

“Multi-room audio” systems bring new levels of convenience, control and quality to your audio-visual enjoyment.

Advanced MultiZone / Multi-Source Control Systems

A multizone control system is essentially a switch box that allows you to send a selected source (Digital music, CD, Internet radio(1000+), Ipod, etc.) to a specific room in your home. The control system can be a device that sends a line-level signal to an amplifier in the remote room(s), or it can have built-in amplifiers that send speaker level signals to the selected rooms(s). All of these types of systems allow you to listen to different sources simultaneously in different zones and are available in many configurations from four to as many as eight or more zones.

Wireless Music Distribution

If you don’t have a pre-wired home and retrofit wiring is too much to consider, there is another solution – go wireless. As wireless technology has improved, so have the options for wireless distribution of music. The most common wireless technology is Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). No doubt you have heard the term used for the wireless networking of computers. The same technology is now finding its way into home audio.

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