Meeting/Conference Room Cable Management Service Toronto

/Meeting/Conference Room Cable Management Service Toronto
Meeting/Conference Room Cable Management Service Toronto 2018-03-05T11:59:47-05:00

Is your meeting room meeting your team’s expectations?

A disorganized jumble of cords and cables draped across conference tables and underfoot. Team members competing for a handful of out-of-reach power outlets. Presenters miffed when easy access to A/V equipment is anything but. If these are familiar scenes where you work, it’s time you saw things more clearly. We are here to help.

Conference room cable management is not something which should be undertaken lightly. Not only does it require an enormous amount of accessories(cable management tray, grommets, raceway, zipties) and an unlimited supply of free time, it also requires the soul of an artist, the unswerving dedication of a marathon runner, and a mind for strategy.

Meeting and Conference Room Cable management Service Toronto

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