Leslievillegeek WSIB Clearance Certificate

/Leslievillegeek WSIB Clearance Certificate
Leslievillegeek WSIB Clearance Certificate 2022-04-19T13:41:44-04:00

The WSIB certificate expires every quarter. If you find the  above copy expired, please obtain one from WSIB website. Step by step guide to get the latest certificate is as below.

Step by step guide here on how to get latest LeslievilleGeek WSIB certificate.

Step 1. Go to https://onlineservices.wsib.on.ca/EClearanceWeb/eclearance/GCStart

Key in SUNDERAMOHAN PALANISAMY in Business name. Copy and paste please. This is the fastest method instead of using business name as LeslieVilleGeek.

Step 2. Click search button and you should get a result at the bottom to download the clearance certificate. If you receive a notification such an invalid or expired, please let us know immediately.

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