How to mount a Shelve to pillar

/How to mount a Shelve to pillar
How to mount a Shelve to pillar 2022-01-22T11:40:03-05:00

Your Condo, apartment, basement or even the entrance to you home you have moved into might have a column/pillar which is a support structure.

Drilling into a support structure is something we want to avoid as it can have unknown consequences in the long run. Drilling into a concrete pillar can cause pipe damage and electrical to you property.

The pillars in condos can use used for many good things and be featured with books, home entertainment as well as decorations,

Mounting a book shelf on a column which is circular to display your books is a great way to showcase your collection. Books can be heavy and this requires a steady and strong heavy duty system.

Mount a shelve on a pillar needs to have the flexibility of moving it to desired positions on the pillar whether around or at different vertical heights.

The Condomounts column shelving mounting shelf system, is able to mounted on a pillar with ease and extreme flexibility. The shelves for column is bundled with a heavy duty (1500lbs) strap and ratchet combo. The column shelve is so easy to install that it just needs to be strapped around a pillar or column.

shelves for round pillars

shelves for round pillars

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