How to get internet in my Detached Garage

//How to get internet in my Detached Garage

How to get internet in my Detached Garage

Getting WiFi out to a detached garage is a serious challenge that many homeowners struggle with when they are setting up wireless connections. Fortunately, there are several different solutions that can effectively solve the problem with a bit of hands-on. Below are the best options from simplest to most difficult to employ.

If you don’t have time to read the whole content, here’s a simple summary of the methods I discussed in the following content:

Ways to Extend your WiFi Range to Garage and Outdoors:

  • Reposition Your Router – If you already have a powerful router, you can often get the range you need just by moving your router around.
  • Invest in a More Powerful Router – If you have an older router, or you can’t get enough range with a basic router, you can increase your WiFi network range by investing in a more powerful product.
  • Use a Wireless Repeater – This is an affordable way to stretch your wireless network in one direction, but only works well over short distances.
  • Invest in a Powerline Adapter – Choose this option if you have quality wiring through your home and don’t want to run Ethernet lines inside or out.
  • Buy an External USB Antenna – This is an affordable option that can increase your network strength when a powerful router is already installed.
  • Use a Point-to-Point Antenna Setup – This is the best option when going over distances longer than 300 or 400 feet.
  • Bury an Ethernet line and use an Access Point – Do this for the most stable internet connection.
  • Use an Outdoor Access Point – use this to extend your network to multiple outdoor locations, or into larger outdoor spaces.

Plug, Pair and Play!

Plug the TL-PA4010 in the wall and connect it to the router with an Ethernet cable.*** Then plug the TL-WPA4220 in any desired power outlet.

Press the ‘Pair’ buttons on both adapters to create a secure network.
There you go! Just enjoy the seamless, high speed wired and wireless network.

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    The bottom line is accessing a high speed internet connection from a distant room, especially one detached from the rest of the structure, is a challenge. Wi-Fi signals lose their strength with distance when obstacles like walls stand in the way. Thankfully, there are some solutions to solving the dilemma of poor internet connectivity. A few of the solutions are basic and cost effective while others will set you a little back with the wallet. Here are the three most common options for extending your internet connection to a detached garage: Run a long Ethernet cable from the router to a distant computer, like in a garage. It will force you to have to bury the cable under the ground, therefore building a trench. However, the connectivity is not always improved drastically by running it to a detached room.

    We highly recommend the TL-WPA4220KIT – 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender, AV600 Powerline Edition.

    Wi-Fi Auto-Sync creates a simple, intuitive powerline experience. Pressing the Wi-Fi Clone button instantly copies your network name and password from your router for easy setup. Wi-Fi Move automatically applies any settings changes across the network. Your existing Wi-Fi settings will be synchronized to the new extender automatically.

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