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How to get DTS sound with Sonos Playbar or Playbase

/How to get DTS sound with Sonos Playbar or Playbase
How to get DTS sound with Sonos Playbar or Playbase 2018-07-15T02:12:38-04:00

People say the reason we have no DTS on Playbar is due to the lack of HDMI port, it should be corrected because they’re completely unrelated.

1) I take a DTS signal into my TV’s HDMI and it passes it through the optical port into my Amp.

2) LG oled B6 also passes DTS from HDMI to optical.

3) Sonos relies on TVs optical output transmitting Dolby digital 5.1. FYI: some TVs convet Dolby digital 5.1 to 2.0 PCM on the optical output. Since Sonos only support optical output you may be limited to stereo output.

3) No Dolby pro logic. Sonos uses a proprietary algorithm for stereo to multichannel output. Since most of the output will be stereo (see comment #3) you will be relying on Sonos’s algorithms for surround sound. This is not necessarily a negative but an unknown. I have no idea if Sonos propriety algorithm conveys effective surround.

4) TOSLINK only support DTS 5.1 or Dolby Digital 5.1. If you want uncompressed (e.g Dolby truadio) or Dolby atmos you are out of luck. FYI: This comment applies to Sonos and its’ playbar competition.

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