How do I mount a TV without a drill and with No Holes on The wall?

//How do I mount a TV without a drill and with No Holes on The wall?

How do I mount a TV without a drill and with No Holes on The wall?

Mounting a TV without a Drill and Without a Stud Finder

Owning a drill is not common if you just moved into your own place or you are not handy. Why own a drill when you are renting or if you just moved into a place. Drill are also scary to use and to an extend expensive tool to have if you use it once in a blue moon.

One would think that mounting a TV would be impossible without a drill. To the contrary, The CondoMounts Hammer and Nail TV mount is a mount that can used to mount your tv on any wall by just nailing the mount into the wall.

The CondoMounts Hammer and Nail TV mount can be installed in under 15 minutes by anyone without a drill. Proven to be strong, it is rated for 110 lbs. The mount consists of interlocking  brackets, black powder quoted for smoothness and appearance.

The pack comes with a TV portion and a wall portion and,  the wall portion installs into the wall with tiny nails, requiring no studs, screws or anchors. Foam backing on the wall bracket protects the wall from scratches and scuffing.

The nails when remove while moving leave only pinholes upon removal, so the Nail and Hammer mount can be removed or re-used with almost zero wall damage.

Can You Mount a TV Without Studs and Without a drill?

If you don’t have any studs on your wall or just don’t want to use them, but you are keen on saving some space by mounting your TV on the wall, you may wonder if it’s possible. Can you mount a TV without studs?

You can mount a TV without studs using anchors, toggle anchors, mounting plates, ceiling mounts, and other mounting options. All of these require a drill. This CondoMounts Nail and Hammer Mount uses many tiny nails to secure your tv that weighs upto 110 lbs.  

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Mounting Your TV Without Studs

There are a couple of  crucial points to consider if you are to mount your TV without studs.

  • The condition of your wall. Your wall should be in a good state if any of these methods are to work. If your wall is all but falling apart, it would be unsafe to mount. Make the necessary fixes before you mount the TV.
  • The weight of your TV. 32-55 inch screens usually weigh up to 45 pounds . This is usually specified on the package when you buy them or by the salesperson in the store. Check the weight of your TV before purchasing anchors.
  • The quality of the mount. Mounts usually can fit in with any TV. But, they do have specifications for the size and weight that they can take. Consider this before purchasing a TV mount.
  • The type of the mount. Anchor mounting can work with both fixed and moving mounts for TVs. It’s up to you to choose which one works best for you. Keep in mind that movement adds more weight, so anchors might not be the best choice, but they could work if you add the mounting plate.
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