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In almost any modern retail establishment you visit today, you will find in store TVs that displays the latest campaigns and helpful information. There is a good reason why traditional billboards are disappearing. With a click of a button, you can roll out a new ad campaign and improve the store experience for your audience. It doesn’t matter if you are managing a single store, or a fleet of stores across a country or continent, the process is still the same.

If you want to be on the forefront of digital signage in a retail environment, you should also take a look at what we call reactive digital signage, where you can integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as sensors, into your digital signage strategy.

Cost effective advertising

Firstly, we offer the most cost effective in-store advertisement platform.
Secondly, you can save money in your marketing budget. No longer do you need to spend money on printing physical content with all the logistics that this entails.
Hook your customers with attractive campaigns
In today’s world, where customers are bombarded with advertisement, it is more important than ever to stand out. A simple paper billboard is usually not enough to capture the customer’s attention. What you need is to create marketing campaigns that stand out.

With traditional print content, you’re stuck with paper as your canvas. With a large display, you’re entering into the digital age with display advertising. This means that you now have a whole new set of tools at your disposal. For instance, you can:

Showcase your products in compelling full HD video.
Mix and match videos with traditional images in a playlist.
Display web-pages with live information, such as weather or news.

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Installation Services
Digital Signage Installation Company Toronto
Let our team help you in expanding your marketing potential. Our professional installers and technicians will install your new advertising monitors in a configuration that works for you, along with setup and testing of the network and signage players.
Before and after installation, we’re with you every step of the way with comprehensive service and support. Our team of experts are prepared to help with any bump in the road, from customer service and technical maintenance to just keeping the ads that run on your monitors looking great.

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