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Zoom Room Installation and Troubleshooting Service Toronto

/Zoom Room Installation and Troubleshooting Service Toronto
Zoom Room Installation and Troubleshooting Service Toronto 2019-02-04T23:25:49-05:00

Online Meetings and Web Conferencing for your business

Our web conferencing solutions let you reach your project goals faster. Free screen sharing, online meetings and team collaboration are all fast and easy at Leslievillegeeks

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Professional Services

When it come to implementing your solutions there are many services which require man power and professional services to get the project or task completed. Our team of professional can assist your business or organisation with different aspects of IT professional services.

We offer services for implementation of a communications solution, integration services to other solutions or applications to provide the best business processes for the best efficiency in your organisation.

The Challenge

Top 3 challenges we see everyday when speaking to our clients

  • Bringing it all together can sometimes be challenging, particularly when there are multiply parties (vendors) involved
  • Change management, communication plans and training can affect large parts of your teams, including IT.
  • The outcome does not always align with what you were expecting, as such costs go up as out of scope requirements raise to the surface

The Solution

Zoom is an all in one solution, as such you have limited vendors involved. This simplifies the installation process and drastically reduces any out of scope installation costs. In fact, In most cases our clients are self sufficient as Zoom is so easy to deploy.

Generally were we do see our clients requesting support are for the following:

  • setting up Zoom rooms and integrating traditional room bases systems (SIP and H323).
  • Identity management and SSO
  • Integration services such as API, SDK and reporting services.
  • Assisting the change management process by delivering custom built training programs.

Consulting Services

Our team of consultants at Leslievillegeeks assist our client in various ways. When looking at upgrading a communications system, to designing the network and gateways to accommodate cloud services then our team can help you. You may be looking for a complete design or validation of your current strategy and design.

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