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Prices for TV Wall Mounting, Projector Installation & Network Cabling Prices Toronto 2020-06-30T01:31:24-04:00

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WALL MOUNT TV INSTALLAny Kind of WallAbove Fireplace
Bracket typeFixed or TiltingSwivel BracketTiltSwivel
Your Bracket22-54”55-65”22-54”55-65” 22”-65”
TV Install$120$150$150$200$200$250
TV Install + On-wall Conceal$150$170$180$230$250$300
TV Install + In-wall Conceal$200$230$230$280$350$400
We Supply the bracket22-54”55-65”22-54”55-65” 22”-65”
Install + Bracket$170$200$250$300$250$350
Install+ Bracket + On-wall Conceal$200$230$280$330$300$400
Install+ Bracket + In-wall Conceal $250$280$330$380$400$500
Add On ServicesPer Unit Install
Sound Bar-Wall mount/Under TV Attach$119.00
Power kit Installation$150.00
Attach Cable box behind TV+ Tidy Wires$50.00
Shelves-Wall Mount Installation$60 per three foot length
Shelves1 Layer $90
2 Layer $120Wall Mounted Cabinet BESTA $249
Furniture Assembly$60 per three foot length
Concrete Pillar TV InstallBracket TypeShelve
TV to be less then 45lbsFixed or TiltingSwivel Bracket1 layer2 layer
Our bracket22-54”55-65”22-54”55-65”
Install + Bracket$250$280$320$370$90$120
Cable Management + Material$50-$200
Sound bar Attached to TV $120.00
Add On ServicesPer Unit Installation
Sound Bar-Wall Mount/Under TV Attach & Set-Up$120.00
Power kit /Electrical Outlet + Install$200
Attach Cable Box Behind TV & Tidy Wires$30.00 - $50.00
Shelves-Wall Mount Installation$60 per three foot length
Furniture Assembly$60 per three foot length
Supply & Install Single Layer Shelf - Cable Management Extra$90
Supply & Install Two Layer Shelf - Cable Management Extra$120
Ikea Besta Shelve-White (Recommended For Clean look)$249 We Supply, Assemble and Wall Mount.
Bracket OptionsAbove Mantel /Fireplace TV InstallFixed or Tilting MountArticulating Mount
Your BracketTV Install$150$250$200$300
TV Install + On-Wall Conceal$180$280$230$330
TV Install + In-Wall Conceal (Not Applicable For Concrete & Brick)$200$300$250$350
We Supply The BracketTV Install$200$300$250$350
Install + Bracket + On-Wall Conceal$230$330$280$380
Install + Bracket + In-Wall Conceal (Not Applicable For Concrete & Brick)$250$350$300$400
Drilling Concrete Pillar InstallFixed or TiltingSwivel Bracket
TV Size(less then 50lbs)22-54”55-65”22-54”55-65”
Install + We Supply Bracket$250$280$320$370
Cable Management + Material$50-$200
Sound Bar attached to TV$120
Glass ShelveSingle Layer $90Double Layer $120
Strapping Column TV MountFixed or TiltingSwivel Bracket
TV Size(less then 60lbs)22-54”55-65”32-54”55-65”
Column Strapping TV Mount - No Drilling - Quick Self InstallN/AN/A$389N/A
TV Mount Shelf for Cable Box, DVD Player. Attaches to above or under TV. N/AN/A$90N/A
Cable Box mount for column TV Mount. Hidden Behind TVN/AN/A$79N/A
On-Site installation service of strapping column TV mount$120
On-site cable management services for column tv mount.(materials included)$50-$200
Sound Bar attached to TV for column TV mount. Material Included.$120
Device InstallationInstallation Type
Set-Up Pair Of SpeakersNo MountingMount Speakers
Set Up 5.1 Speaker System No MountingMount Speakers
Running Speaker Wire Up To 30ft (Prices Are Per Run)Running In Open WallsRunning In Closed Walls
$120$180 and up - pictures and onsite survey required
Ceiling Speakers Install (Prices Are Per Speaker)1-2 Speakers2-4 Speakers
Tabletop - Sonos Speakers Installation (Prices Are Per Speaker)1-2 Speakers2-4 Speakers
Trace, Terminate, Plates & Keystone$60$50
Ceiling Speakers Supply and Install
For Speaker Details Click Here
Fees based on number of runs ~80ftNumber of Drops- Price per Drop
1 – 56 – 20
Running of CAT6 Wire + CAT6 FT 4 Wire
(Commercial Only)
Trace, Terminate, Plates & Keystone
(Commercial & Residential)
Running of wires.cables outdoor + CAT6 Direct Burial FT4 UV Resistant Wire
(Commercial & Residential)
Reinstall & Relocation OptionsDescriptionPrice
Uninstallation Of Your Wall Mounted TVRemove wall mounted TV, option to leave mount or remove mount$60-$120
Move Down The StreetUninstall and transport your TV's/ devices$90/hr
Move Out Of TownUninstall and transport your TV's/ devices for the long haul or storageFirst TV $169
Add TV $99
Electronics RecyclingPick-up and haul away your old electronicsFrom $60
General Idea of Our Pricing for Custom Install -HST Excluded
Projector Wall/Ceiling Mounting$250-$500
Screen Wall/Ceiling Installation$150-$400
Screen Alignment$150-$300
Design and Consultation$100 per hour
Estimate for non standard projects$60 – used towards project
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