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TV Installation in the Bathroom – Toronto

/TV Installation in the Bathroom – Toronto
TV Installation in the Bathroom – Toronto 2018-02-20T15:45:56-05:00

It’s nice to watch TV in the bathroom taking bath or relaxing in Jacuzzi !

TV installation in bathrooms is not as uncommon as one might think. If you go to SPA salons or hanging out in your local gym Jacuzzi, you might find TV installed in the area to entertain customers. Same concept applies to your own home. We have many customers who love their TVs in bathrooms.

There are few TV installation in bathroom options and obstacles. First is TV model to choose. There are waterproof TVs specifically made for bathroom installations. Regular  TV can be installed as well with proper bathroom ventilation. However, bathroom moisture will shorten TV life. There are in-wall TVs meant to be installed flush with the wall. Second is what mount to use for LCD TV installation in bathroom. Many of our customers prefer full motion arm mount to have their TV installation in the bathroom. It allows to watch TV from different bathroom areas. Some customers prefer to have their TV installed in from of Jacuzzi on flat or tilting mount. Third is cable box relocation and power source. We usually relocate cable boxes out of the sight. Depending on bathroom layout and access to surrounding areas, we determine where we can install the box. It can be installed in bathroom cabinet, attic, under the sink, in adjoining room or TV can have direct cable feed without cable box. Contact us to discuss your TV installation in bathroom.

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