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TV Dismount or Remount Service 2020-03-17T22:54:13-04:00

Don’t break your wall or your TV! Let Leslievillegeek handle your dismounting and mounting.

Services Include:

  • Dismount your TV from the wall
  • Disconnect and remove any relevant AV components
  • Neatly package the TV and components in a box you provide
  • Remove the mount from the wall
  • Conceal in-wall rated wires where applicable (additional charges apply)

If you are trying to attempt it yourself, please see some guidelines below.

There are many reasons why you might want to remove your TV from its wall mount. Perhaps you are renovating your home theater system, and you want to dismount your flatscreen TV while construction is going on. Or maybe you just purchased a bigger TV, or you want to move your TV to a different spot. No matter what your reason is, here’s how to dismount your TV without breaking a sweat or the TV.

Before You Dismount your TV have the following ready:

  • Get a flash light and look behind the TV
  • A friend to assist you
  • A screwdriver
  • A blanket on the floor or a soft surface where you can place the TV once you’ve removed it from the wall mount
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