TV Column Mount that Rotates 360 Degree along a Structural Column

//TV Column Mount that Rotates 360 Degree along a Structural Column

TV Column Mount that Rotates 360 Degree along a Structural Column

People just love their open concept condos. The space, the views, the amount of light that comes streaming through the windows, what’s not to love about them? More and more high-rise condos are featuring open concepts.

With a lack of walls, that often leaves the structural concrete pillars of the building exposed in the living area. These pillars give condo dwellers the opportunity to free up even more space in their homes and make the space even more versatile with TV mounting on these structural pillars.

Thanks to the patentable technology of Condo Mounts, people can now house their slim, flat screen televisions (up to 55 inches) on the concrete pillars in their condos.

Why mount your TV on a pillar?

Many people opt for a television stand or to mount their television on a wall. While some television stands can be sleek, they still take up space. And while wall-mounted TVs give you your space back, you will still spend much of your time looking in the direction of a wall, which takes away from one of the great things about condo living. A TV on a circular pillar mount solves both of these issues.


Open concept condos are already spacious, but by mounting your TV on a pillar, you increase your space even more by eliminating the need for a TV stand, which can have a large footprint for a piece of relatively small equipment.


When you mount your television on a pillar, because they are usually situated near a corner or a window, you get to enjoy the view from your condo even when you are watching TV. You will not be sitting and looking in the direction of a wall. Rather, you will be looking in the direction of your windows, so you get the best of both worlds.


While certain wall mounts will allow you to move your TV around on an extendable arm, their range of movement is limited by the wall itself. Pillar-mounted televisions have a much greater range of motion because of the fact that their movement isn’t impeded by a wall behind them. This allows for a greater choice of seating arrangement with pillar mounts


While you may think mounting a television on a concrete pillar would require professional installation, it can actually be done by two people within minutes without any specialized tools or training. That’s because the mount is not bolted onto the pillar, therefore it does not require drilling into concrete to affix it. Rather, it is held on securely by straps.

While having straps hold up your 55 inch television up might sound unlikely, keep in mind that these are the same industrial grade straps and tightening/locking mechanisms that are used in the freight hauling industry. They are designed and made to keep the heaviest loads in place, so holding a TV and a TV mount onto a pillar is light work for them. The straps that Condo Mounts uses are rated to hold up to 30 kg (66 lbs).

To hide any unsightly cords, you can get affordable and tasteful cable concealers known as “raceways.” They are solid, plastic “boxes” that hold all the cords related to your TV. They can run down the pillar and to the nearest outlet with only a minimum amount of cords actually being visible.

If you have extra equipment like a cable box, a video game console or speakers that you want to mount along with your TV, you can get additional mounts to hold these pieces of equipment using the same one-of-a-kind mounting technology.

Using straps to hold the mount and TV in place means that it is not permanently fixed to one pillar. If you decide to change where you want your television to be situated, you simply take the TV off the mount, undo the straps, move the mount to a new pillar, refasten the straps, remount the TV and reposition your raceway cable concealers. If you move out of your condo, the pillar mount leaves no trace that it was ever there.

Changing Times

The Condo Mounts company consists of a dedicated team of designers and staff who enjoy tackling the challenges of urban living and maximizing space in an urban environment. As TVs became flatter and slimmer, they opened up more opportunities for people to have their televisions while not giving up a lot of space to them.

Television stands gave way to wall mounting and the designers at Condo Mounts believe pillar mounted TVs are the next logical step in condo living. We designed the patentable pillar mounting technology for modern condo owners or renters who want to make maximum use of their space and who don’t just want to be stuck looking in the direction of a wall when they have an amazing view they would rather be taking advantage of.

If you live in a condo with structural pillars and a TV, contact Leslievillegeek at or the manufacturer at or go online and shop now

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