Turntable Installation and Integration with Audio System Toronto

/Turntable Installation and Integration with Audio System Toronto
Turntable Installation and Integration with Audio System Toronto 2018-03-03T20:41:53-05:00

A turntable requires a receiver(also referred to as amplifier) to transmit the sound out to speakers. There is no difference between connecting a CD player to the receiver; it’s the same principle. And similar to choosing the correct turntable, selecting the proper receiver is not as easy as it seems. Many people purchase all-in-one stereo systems only to be disappointed they don’t have the ability to connect a turntable or additional speakers.

Turntables produce an audio signal that is much quieter than other components like CD players, and therefore they require an extra stage of amplification.  This depends on the stylus, you have both Moving Magnet, and Moving Coil stylus. If you don’t know what stylus you have it might be a Moving Magnet. Moving Coil’s are much more expensive, and often bigger. If your receiver has a set of inputs labeled “phono,” you can readily plug in your turntable (with Moving Magnet). If it has a set of inputs labeled Phono MC/MM) with a switch, you can mount both the styluses. Otherwise, you have 2 options for providing phono amplification.

  • Your first option is to buy a freestanding phono preamplifier, you get these for only MM or with MM and MC. This component is wired between your turntable and receiver using RCA cables to bring the signal up to an audible level.
  • A second option is to buy a turntable with a built-in preamp. Check the owner’s manual for your turntable to determine if it has a built-in preamp, noting however that this feature is fairly rare

We specialize in integrating your turntable into your Sonos system so you could enjoy it throughout your home or office through your in-ceiling or Sonos Speakers.

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