Sonos Sonance Speakers Vs Other brand In-wall, In-Ceiling and Outdoor Speakers

/Sonos Sonance Speakers Vs Other brand In-wall, In-Ceiling and Outdoor Speakers
Sonos Sonance Speakers Vs Other brand In-wall, In-Ceiling and Outdoor Speakers 2019-02-05T19:29:10-05:00

Up to the point of introduction of the Sonos Sonance Speakers, you could’ve paired any passive speakers with a Sonos Connect:Amp (or Connect) to integrate them into your home’s Sonos system. According to Sonos, the big difference here is that the “Sonos Amp will automatically recognize the architectural speakers and optimize its output to bring brilliant sound right out of the box.”

The In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers will be the first third-party speakers to be compatible with Sonos’s TruePlay tuning technology. And since Sonos will sell the speakers on its website, they’ll be able to guide you through the purchase process. It’s a good deal for consumers looking to spread Sonos’s speaker system seamlessly (and invisibly) throughout their house — even if it’s not quite the outdoor Sonos speaker many were hoping for.

The Sonos Architectural by Sonance collection features three different kinds of speakers: Sonos In-Wall by Sonance ($599 per pair)Sonos In-Ceiling by Sonance ($599 per pair), and the Sonos Outdoor by Sonance ($799 per pair). The outdoor speakers have a weatherproof design, meaning they’ll have no problem handling “humidity, water, salt spray, heat, UV rays, and freezing temperatures.”

The power ratings.

All three speakers are 8-ohm, two-way models, equipped with 1-inch pivoting polyurethane dome ferrofluid-cooled tweeters and 6.5-inch pivoting injection-molded polypropylene woofers. Sonos claims frequency response of 44Hz to 20kHz, +/- 3dB for the indoor models, and 55Hz to 20kHz, +/- 3dB for the outdoor speaker. The sensitivity ratings for all three are 89dB SPL (2.83V at 1 meter).

The power-handling characteristics of the line reflects that they were designed to be paired with the Sonos Amp: 5 watts minimum, 130 watts maximum (the Sonos Amp is rated to deliver maximum power of 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms). The Sonos Amp is equipped with custom banana plugs that can handle 10- to 18AWG speaker wire, so we presume that’s also what the speakers can accommodate. Sonos says each Amp is capable of driving up to three pairs of Sonos Architectural by Sonance speakers.

You’ll need an 8-1/4-inch cutout and 4-3/4 inches of depth to install the circular in-ceiling speakers (the white, paintable grilles are 9-3/4 inches in diameter). The rectangular in-wall speakers will need 6-15/16 x 10-3/4-inch cutouts and 3-1/2 inches of depth. Their white, paintable grilles measure 8-3/8 by 12-1/4 inches.

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