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We offer design and installation services to those who want to have in-ceiling speakers hooked up to your Sonos System. If your project is new and need wires to be in-wall we can help provide you a total solution be it in your house or Office space. Call us at 647-380-0876

Those who need some help, we have the most common question answered below.


The CONNECT:AMP can support any speaker impedance between 4 and 16 Ohms. Sonos does not recommend wiring speakers in series as it will result in poor sound quality.

You can have the following configurations for the CONNECT:AMP or ZP100:

  • Two 8 Ohm speakers(1 on each channel)
  • Two 4 Ohm speakers(1 on each channel)
  • Four 8 Ohm speakers(2 on each channel parallel)refer diagram below
  • Six 4 ohm speakers(3 on each channel but connected in series)
  • Six 16 Ohm Speakers ( 3 on each channel Parralel) only achieve 80% of rated power

Diagram to Connecting speakers in parallel and diagram below for series connection

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