Smart Board Installation Wall Mounting Repair and Bulb Replacement Toronto

/Smart Board Installation Wall Mounting Repair and Bulb Replacement Toronto
Smart Board Installation Wall Mounting Repair and Bulb Replacement Toronto 2019-02-06T08:05:05-05:00

Smart Board Installation for schools or offices

Whether you are looking to wall mount Smart Boards in a school or in an office, our experienced technicians will provide the service you need.  We securely mount the screen, projector, speakers and can even provide assistance in calibrating and verifying the connections.  Contact us for a quote.

We Provide SmartBoard Repair, SmartBoard Installation Services & SmartBoard purchase options for schools and enterprise customers for the Toronto and GTA Area. Even if you’re out of the area, please CONTACT US we are willing to travel or assist remotely via phone or email. Our #1 goal is to get all of your interactive classroom technology up and running so your teachers can teach and your students can learn !
Smart Board Installation

One time – Courtesy Service Visit (first time customers only)

For our first time customers who have never had the pleasure of experiencing our world class service, we offer a one time courtesy visit so you can experience the value of our service. You will find out, first hand how we exceed expectations. The visit is worth over $200, but we are so sure you’ll be pleased, we just want to the opportunity to serve your school, teachers & students.

Overview of a Typical SMART Board Installation

Site Survey – Phone conversation with a consultant describing the project. If necessary, a preliminary site visit can be arranged. Please let us know if the site is anything other than a dry-wall or drop-ceiling environment.

A Professional Install Team – Will arrive at the job site at the time scheduled to perform your install

Initial Setup – Includes unpacking SMART board and equipment

Mounting – Installation of mounting brackets and, if applicable, ceiling mounts, wall mounts, or other custom solutions

Install Equipment – Secure and safe connection of SMART Board, Document Camera, Interactive Whiteboard, or other device

Cable Run – Conceal or neatly arrange any cables

Projector Screen Installation – If applicable, installation of either pull-down or motorized screens

Alignment & Focus – Ensure proper imaging and picture for the document camera, projectors, etc.

Clean Up and Waste Disposal – We take care of the mess

Quality Assurance – At the conclusion of your install, you will be asked to sign a completion form that helps us insure a quality installation and your complete satisfaction

Warranty – One year warranty on workmanship

Leslievillegeek can provide supplies such as cables, mounts, and brackets at reasonable cost. Advance notice is appreciated.

Move/Installation of Projector or SmartBoard

We professionally install any kind of projector or SmartBoard (New or Used)

We will bring whatever extra equipment is needed to get your used board up and running (rails provided at an additional cost)

Move/Installation of Touch Panel (under 80″)

We professionally install any kind of touch panel (New or Used)

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