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Logitech Harmony Remote Control Programming Service Toronto

///Logitech Harmony Remote Control Programming Service Toronto
Logitech Harmony Remote Control Programming Service Toronto 2018-02-20T15:28:30-05:00
  • Are You Tired Of Having So Many Different Remote’s To Turn On Your TV?
  • Need help with your Harmony Universal Remote?
  • Harmony remote is acting up and not responding?
    • Consolidate all remote’s into 1 using Logitech Harmony
    • Control devices behind closed cabinets
    • Help solving programming/control issues with Harmony
    • Custom programming of Audio Video devices commands

harmony remote control programming

We offer custom programming and design services that will move your Home Theatre and Home Entertainment Systems to one, workable remote that can be easily used by the whole family.

Our configurations are activity based so that anyone can operate the system. All of our programming is designed to allow any user to operate the system. You simply push a button labelled “Watch Television” and it happens! Everything turns on and switches to the proper settings every time. The remote will then display a new page with your chosen channel logos. Press a logo and go to that channel. When you are finished using the system there’s always an “OFF” button right there. Simply press off and the system shuts off. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

List of Logitech Harmony Remote Control models we program

Harmony Elite
Advanced universal remote control, hub, and app
Harmony Companion
Harmony Home Hub Extender
Harmony 350 Control
Harmony Ultimate One
Harmony Touch
Harmony Ultimate Home
Harmony Smart Control
Harmony® 650 Remote
Harmony Smartphone App
Harmony Hub
Logitech Harmony 700
Logitech Harmony One
Logitech Harmony 900

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