Migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Toronto

/Migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Toronto
Migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Toronto 2017-04-10T09:33:50-04:00

You may have decided a few years ago to move your email, file sharing, and productivity apps to the cloud using Google Apps.

But for productivity apps, Google Apps is not as richly featured as Microsoft Office. Or you are facing Google Apps sync errors all the time. Now that Microsoft has its own cloud service for email, file sharing, and productivity apps — Office 365 — you may be well tempted to switch.

If you’re moving from on-premises Exchange to Google Apps or Office 365, there’s good documentation on how to migrate. But what about moving from one cloud to the other? It’s not so obvious, as you don’t have a local environment in place for recovery or staging.

Depending on your size and budget, you have two options: manual migration, where you handle the swap in-house, or third-party migration, where you use a tool. For smaller migrations and do-it-yourselfers, Office 365 offers a migration wizard for email, but it won’t migrate contacts or calendars.

Call us at 647-477-2280 and we will help you with migration process. We provide the entire migration process service and let us know how we can help you. Our migration service includes:-

  1. Provide consultation on the migration process and document a migration plan
  2. Backup/archive of current emails in Google Apps or Gmail
  3. Advice on suitable Microsoft service and help create a Microsoft 365 account
  4. Edit/Add MX records and verify Domain in Office 365. (Customer to provide DNS manager login information.)
  5. Migrate all email, contacts and calendar from Google Apps to Office 365.
  6. Setup your emails, contacts and calendars on Microsoft outlook in your desktop/laptop.
  7. Verify all items are in working condition to customer satisfaction
  8. 30 days warranty on the migration and help terminate the Google apps account.

Service cost from $300 on-wards and the jobs takes a minimum of 4 hours if you have all the information required in hand

Call us at 647-477-2280 to schedule an onsite consultation.

Our detailed plan is as below

                                                   Steps Time Frame & Information Required
Backup all email data to external disk Day 0 – 1 day before migration
Create a new Office 365 account


Office 365 Small Business

Day 0 – 2 hours – 3 days before migration

Customer to confirm during consultation the service required and sign up with Microsoft for the service.

Buy license. $?.?? /month paid annually per user.
Add users
Assign licenses to users.
List all Aliases that customer needs. Eg. info@customer domain.com Customer to provide list of Aliases before migration
Verify domain ownership by adding a TXT,CNAME, MX record to the DNS settings (i.e. customer uses Go Daddy). Day 1 – 1 hour

Customer to provide Godaddy login info and password to edit DNS records.

Add MX Record too. This will take maximum 72 hours to propagate throughout the internet. Usually within an hour.
Verify functionality in office 365 web interface. Day 1 – 3 hours(depending on size of mailbox)
Set up outlook email, contacts and calendar.
Import Calendar, contacts and email
Disable google apps Day 1 – 30 Minutes
Configure blackberry/iphone/android apps Day 1 – 30 Minutes
Delegate calendar if required Day 1 – 30 Minutes
Verification and testing Day 1 – 60 Minutes
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