How to Setup a Sonos speaker without a wire?

/How to Setup a Sonos speaker without a wire?
How to Setup a Sonos speaker without a wire? 2018-07-15T01:29:44-04:00

Did you just get your new Sonos player or a sonos soundbar and want to set it for the first time. While trying to setup it for the first time you had been required that the player be plugged into a router. Sometimes the router might be accessible easily. and in some cases you do not have access to the router. eg. router in tenanted basement.

There is a way to do this.

Step 1. Connect to your home wifi network.

Step 2. Download the Sonos App. A.K.A Sonos Controller. Free on Apple Store and Google Play.

Step 3. Once you’ve installed the app, open it and press ‘Set up a new Sonos system’. You’ll be asked what sort of setup you want to go through. Press ‘Standard Setup’ – this for anyone connecting over a Wi-Fi network.

Step 4a. Select the speaker. Through the process in the app you should be able to see any available Sonos speakers that are in your home. Select and follow process

Step 4b. Put your speakers into ‘Join’ mode
The app will then ask you to press a couple of buttons on the Sonos speaker at the same time. This will create a temporary Wi-Fi network for your device to connect to, allowing the setup to work.

Step 5. Once you’ve pressed the buttons, you’ll hear a chime, and the speaker will show a flashing orange light. The app will ask you to confirm that you see this.

Once you do, the app will begin configuring the speaker. You may have to connect to the temporary Wi-Fi network, although some Android phone and tablet users won’t need to do this. And if you’ve got a Play:5, it will work automatically too.

If you do need to connect, go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings and choose ‘Sonos’. Once you’re connected, go back to the Sonos app and continue. You may be prompted for a password.

Once that’s done, you can select a name for your new Sonos speaker. We recommend choosing the room it’s in: Try ‘living room’, ‘dungeon’, or ‘bat cave’ – whatever suits your home.

Step 6. If you want to set up a second speaker (or even more, you moneybags), hit ‘Add Another Player’, and go through the setup process again. You’ll need to assign a name to each new speaker, just like you did before.

Once that’s done, all your speakers will be connected to your Wi-Fi system, and you’ll be able to use the Sonos app to play music on all of your connected speakers.

However, you’ll need to choose ‘Add Music Services’ first, so you can add any eligible services you use, like Spotify or Apple Music. Then, just track down a song you want to play, and tap it – voilà!

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