How to Mount a TV on square column without drilling? Square Column TV Mount

//How to Mount a TV on square column without drilling? Square Column TV Mount

How to Mount a TV on square column without drilling? Square Column TV Mount

You’ve found the perfect condo. It’s in the ideal location and has a great floorplan. As you settle into your new space, you quickly realize that some of the room features you loved most about your new space pose some decorating and furniture arrangement issues. You love the clean, modern look of a wall mounted TVs, but your new space poses some mounting challenges thanks to concrete pillars and walls that your condo association prohibits you from drilling into.

Drilling into concrete pillars,

especially load-bearing pillars, can cause concerns for the structural safety of your condo unit and the building as a whole. Drilling can weaken the concrete and cause additional cracks to form, compromising your safety. Additionally, some concrete structures in a room may contain electrical conduits or water pipes, causing additional concern for your safety and the safety of other building residents and could potentially cause an incredible amount of damage to the property. When structural integrity is compromised, you also run the risk of losing your home warranty.

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While you may think mounting a television on a concrete pillar would require professional installation, it can actually be done by two people within minutes without any specialized tools or training. That’s because the mount is not bolted onto the pillar, therefore it does not require drilling into concrete to affix it. Rather, it is held on securely by straps.

While having straps hold up your 55 inch television up might sound unlikely, keep in mind that these are the same industrial grade straps and tightening/locking mechanisms that are used in the freight hauling industry. They are designed and made to keep the heaviest loads in place, so holding a TV and a TV mount onto a pillar is light work for them. The straps that Condo Mounts uses are rated to hold up to 30 kg (66 lbs).

To hide any unsightly cords, you can get affordable and tasteful cable concealers known as “raceways.” They are solid, plastic “boxes” that hold all the cords related to your TV. They can run down the pillar and to the nearest outlet with only a minimum amount of cords actually being visible.

If you have extra equipment like a cable box, a video game console or speakers that you want to mount along with your TV, you can get additional mounts to hold these pieces of equipment using the same one-of-a-kind mounting technology.

Using straps to hold the mount and TV in place means that it is not permanently fixed to one pillar. If you decide to change where you want your television to be situated, you simply take the TV off the mount, undo the straps, move the mount to a new pillar, refasten the straps, remount the TV and reposition your raceway cable concealers. If you move out of your condo, the pillar mount leaves no trace that it was ever there.

Based in Toronto, Condo Mounts consists of a dedicated team of designers and staff who enjoy tackling the challenges of urban living and maximizing space in an urban environment.


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