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Why You Should Consider A Local Installer, And Why Our Geeks Are Better Than Geeksquad From A Big Box Store:

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the choices available to you when deciding what technology solution is the best fit for your home or business?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the best team is to support you when it comes to your technical needs?

If so, this article is for you! In it, you will discover:

  • The benefit of choosing a boutique installation firm over corporate giants.
  • Why most “Geek Squad” type services are too rigid to cover B2B technology needs.
  • The proven process we use to find the right technology solution and service package to fit you – your needs aren’t cookie cutter, so why should the solution be?

To start out, let me clarify what I mean by boutique installation firm. A boutique firm is an independent company that specializes in helping you fully utilize integrated technology systems. They should be willing to customize or personalize the solutions, pricing and technology recommendations based on your needs.

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Why is it important to choose a boutique installation firm?

First and foremost, businesses who decide selecting an independent firm is better than geeksquad is the same as choosing a personal chef over McDonalds. Companies want you to pick from a menu of services, rather than finding the right service and customizing it to your needs. Not all installations are created equal. You need someone who can cover all your technology needs, not a fleet of people trained to deliver the exact same service, every time.

Let me share a quick example to express the value this provides. We had a client who needed a single HDMI cable run from a projector to their equipment in a cabinet. The corporate giant’s stance was: “That is not one of our standard services, we can offer you this overpriced service that includes the thing you need, and other things that we won’t do because you don’t need them.”

We, on the other hand, said, “Nice to hear from you again. How was your trip to Ottawa? We would be happy to run that cable for you. We look forward to seeing you again in three weeks to help with your new boardroom on the other end of the city.” – personal, professional, customized.

This is just one example of the type of relationship we build with clients who choose us over “the big guys.”

Here’s a bit of an insight into how we operate:

  1. Our approach is holistic – with on-site consultations we discover what you actually want to do, then help you combine what you already have with our experience and knowledge of ingenious solutions to get the best possible outcome.
  2. We source the right product for your needs – without limitations set by supply chains or suggestions driven by corporate sales goals.
  3. Our specialist installers meet for free on-site consultations – by examining your various needs we help you come up with the most effective array of products and services to connect your space. (Is this too similar to #1?)
  4. We provide expert training and support meaning there is no need to staff your own Tech Support team.
  5. We use this same expertise in the simplest or most complicated jobs – everything from corporate setups and custom home automation, to single TV mounting or sound bar setup. We aren’t flippant with so-called simple jobs.

In addition to finding new solutions that fit your needs, our team does a ton of work when it comes to troubleshooting and integrating your existing technologies. We are also happy to support with network optimization and upgrading your connections whether you want to operate using a wide range of gapless wired or wireless systems.

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Here are a few words from happy clients:

  • Best Buy cancelled our appointment last minute. We were given an appointment three weeks later. The Leslieville Geek team came in to evaluate the situation was able to complete all the work the next day.
  • The Leslieville Geeks were able to sit with our team, discuss our boardroom and training room needs and scope a solution with our limited budget within short notice. It outcome was amazing and we were thrilled with their work. Our training experience has changed since the new setup. We are extremely delighted.
  • We just moved into an office and had to deal with network point location which did not match our furniture layout and also our customized furniture which was imported from Italy. Our previous IT company we relied on had disappeared. We called the Leslieville Geek team to manage the cables, they came in to evaluate the entire situation spend a good two hours with our team, finding out details of our setup. Within 2 days they presented a 7 slides powerpoint presentation on how the wiring was going to be done in the lost cost effective method. It’s was very impressive was within our budget. They have also since cleaned up our server room which was a jungle of wires. We also had POE-enabled phone which was not using the POE switch. The team managed to figure out how to connect them. Now we have limited cords on our desk.
  • Our Smartboard system needed to be relocated to another plant and we were relying on another company to do it for three months. Leslieville Geek team came in the following week to dismantle the entire system from one plant moved it with a truck to another plant 30 km away and installed it the same day. They have since had us move another system for them. Their response time is fast and able to accommodate special request to help us with our different needs in all our offices in the GTA.

What Else Can We Do To Support You?

For our corporate clients, we also offer digital signage and end-to-end boardroom solutions, including video conferencing, digital whiteboards, projectors and screens, control and automation. Cable management solutions hide unsightly wires to make your space look more polished and professional.

Your business, large or small, benefits from getting the most out of your people, your space, and your technology. The last one can be hard on your own, but Leslieville Geek can make it easy. We would love an opportunity to meet you in person to show you the difference a boutique technology firm can make.

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In This Call We Will Discuss:

  • Your specific technology needs for home and office uses
  • How our technology and equipment can complement your current services and the technology you’re already using
  • How we can save you time, money, and headaches by installing and servicing all of the technology and equipment we provide for you
  • Why our team is the only tech support you will ever need

Not only will this new technology revitalize your office and streamline your communication, but our on-call “techies” are available to service your technology at any time. This saves you from hiring full-time IT and tech-support staff.

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