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The trend with flat panel displays has become an increase in width as well as a reduction in weight, and there doesn’t appear to be a change in this direction for the foreseeable future. Due to this trend there is an ever-increasing need for a flexible flat panel support. Leslievillegeeks have been at the forefront of this evolution in workstation ergonomics for many years. As the move from traditional desk and chair setup evolves working with a knowledgeable furniture installer provides peace of mind for owners and dealers alike. With the growth toward more collaboration and open workspace environments, a monitor desk mount arm provides all flexibility today’s office workers demand including adjustable heights, swing directions, and extensions required to change positions or users at any time.

When you’re working with limited space for your home office, you need to get creative, especially when space is at a premium and you can’t just have the gigantic desk that you’ve always wanted. Even so, when you come up with innovative solutions to these types of problems, you’ll end up having a workstation that will work more efficiently and that’s customized for your space.

We offer different types of monitor desk mount including single monitor desk mount, adjustable articulating stand, monitor dual mount and heavy duty monitor arm. If you have a suitable mount purchased for your monitor, we will glad to get your office setup.

Why should you get monitor desk mounts?

The main reason for buying a monitor desk mount is to make your office area ergonomic at the same time a great way to save more space. We carry most of the monitor mounts that you will need, no matter if you are talking about single monitor mount for your LCD screen, dual monitor mount or even triple monitor mount, we all covered with many choices. The benefit for having these mounts grant you greater flexibility to freely adjust according your height and angles.

Discuss with us your requirements, we can supply mounts from various vendors that are all ergonomically designed to suit your workstation, the right feature will help you to reduce back & neck pain, some of the monitor stand features tilt and extend options which allows you to move the monitor vertically & horizontally. For office professional purposes,we also cover multiple mount options, you will be able to mount 2 screens, 3 monitors or even more depending on your needs.

What should I think about when choosing a monitor arm?

Before buying the monitor arm / desk mount, it’s very important to be aware your workspace specific, such as how much weight that your desk can support, what size that your office has, how many monitors you need to use and what are the VESA compliance…etc, there are certain monitors such as Apple monitors, that are not VESA compatible and thus you will need to purchase a special VESA adapter, so it’s very important for you to keep that in mind.

Another thing that you need to check is the VESA compliance, usually you will be able to find this at the back of your monitor, for the common monitor that are around 10 pounds, it’s around 100x 100mm or 75 x75mm, for 15-20 pounds, it’s around 200x 100mm and for the larger size, such as 32”, the VESA could be around 200 x200 mm.

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