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Do you have a business that demands precision and perfection for your display and cabling needs? Are you in the midst of a move and need time sensitive solutions to your network and TV setup?

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Leslievillegeeks also specialize in commercial TV installations for Office Receptions, Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, Hotels, Schools, Commercial office spaces, Clubs, Restaurants, real estate agencies, conference halls, and a myriad of different institutions in Toronto and selected parts of the Greater Toronto Area.
We possess expertise in installing flat panel TVs on a large scale, including unmounting, transporting, pre-cabling, design, set up, configuring and programming display systems, as well as any solutions you may require on sound systems. No matter what type of wall or office space you have, we have the necessary expertise and solutions to install the TV on it for you, without any difficulties. We are able to deploy a large team in short notice for removal or setup of TVs.

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Why are we the most trusted commercial installers in town:
1) We come to you right away. You can view our schedule online 24/7 and book with us a confirmed appointment in seconds. We do not cancel an appointment and if we do due to unforeseen circumstances(not enough parts or supplies), we promise you it will be done the next day.
2) Insurance and quality assurance: We offer you options and specify the work being done so there are no surprises. All our work comes with warranty that you can rely upon.
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