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Clean up your Conference Room and cut the cords with Zoom

//Clean up your Conference Room and cut the cords with Zoom

Clean up your Conference Room and cut the cords with Zoom

Zoom gets rid of proprietary hardware typically sold by video conferencing vendors. These hardware often overpriced, could do very little to collaborate effectively. Technology is evolving so fast that investing in propriety hardware is not going to get your organization upto speed with the latest collaboration methods. Business collaboration requires any device, anywhere and anyhow. The traditional video conferencing vendors are not able to keep up to the adaption of apps introduced in the market. The big boys overpriced solutions which take oversized space in you server room or conference room arent scalable solutions in the long run. Costi

Zooms software based platform enables any collaboration method be developed with a quick turnaround time. For a video conferencing solution all you need is any computer: – PC or Mac or Linux(not a 100% sure) system. If you want to make it fancy with a one touch remote control . Just get a touch screen device with ios or android to get . Not sure if it supports Blackberry. Similar systems in todays boardrooms are being powered by Cisco, Polycom, Halo, Tandberg, Avaya which are not making way into the smaller business segment and also soloprenuers. Communicating globally is no only done my big companies. As a business owner I communicate with people in Europe and China on a daily basis. Whatsapp, We Chat, Facetime have now enabled that for one to one communications but not one to maky

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