Can a TV be mounted on a column?

/Can a TV be mounted on a column?
Can a TV be mounted on a column? 2021-12-10T11:48:33-05:00

Can TV’s be mounted on a structural column without drilling?

TVs, monitors and Digital signage can be mounted onto a structural column independent of the shape of the structure. Please note that NEVER to drill onto a column or pillar to mount a TV or any other heavy items. The safest way to mount a TV to structural column in using the SlotGrip Technology system. SlotGrip technology allows for a TV to be strapped to any shape column/pillar by weaving heavy duty synthetic fibers through multiple slots of the TV mount to create a strong adhesion to the surface of the column.

The Condomounts Column TV mount is designed with most structures in mind and would be able to hold a TV of any size and weight. The Slot Grip Technology allows a TV mounted to be strapped safely onto any shape and size column. The Condomounts TV mount uses 1.5″ heavy duty strap that is weaved through 6 slots of its TV mount that can hold up TV of any size. The strapping through multiple slots on the TV mount is paired with a solid tightening mechanism. This creates a strong adhesion of the TV to pillars, columns, H beam, I beams, a truss.

The 6 slots patented technology is able to handle a TV movement with an in a 360 degree around a pillar.

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